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  1. Propranolol is a drug that belongs to the class of medicines called beta blockers. Its effects are based on relaxing blood vessels and decreasing blood pressure, therefore allowing for a slower heart rate and improved blood flow. It can be used by patients diagnosed with heart disease, abnormal heart rhythms and high blood pressure. In case or ever being diagnosed with diabetes, liver or kidney disease, thyroid problems, lung disease, severe allergies, heart disease, or asthma, tell your health care provider about it so that your dosage could be adjusted or an alternative to propranolol could be found. It will be also great if you manage to remember any diseases that run in your family - as this information can affect the choice of dosage and your possibility of taking this drug at all. If you are going to take the extended-release tablets make sure you do not crush or chew them - these tablets have been specially designed to slowly dissolve in your stomach. It's a good idea to tell your health care provider about any health conditions you have or used to have, especially if you ever had an allergic reaction to propranolol. Also tell your doctor if you are using any drugs that can potentially interfere with the treatment, including medications for the treatment of migraines, cough, cold, pain etc.

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